Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes, we will have a full menu, including sharables, salads, tacos, barbecue, and more.

Q: Do you serve food?

A: We do not currently have outdoor seating. However, as part of our expansion, we are building a seasonal patio, which should be opened by August 2nd!

Q: Do you have outdoor seating?

A: While we love dogs, they are unfortunately not permitted on property.

Q: Can I bring my dog?

A: Yes! We will have a couple room options and will begin booking events starting mid July for events taking place mid August and later. If you are interested in scheduling an event, please give us a call at 508.258.7200.

Q: Do you offer private functions?

A: Certainly! We will even have a kids menu!

Q: Are children welcome?

A: Per Massachusetts state laws, we are only allowed to fill Start Line and unlabeled growlers. If your growler has the name of a different brewery, we cannot fill it.

Q: Can you fill any growler?

A: We do not, but we do try to make our process accessible to customers with windows into the brewery and our hydroponic greenhouse.

Q: Do you offer tours?

A: None of our beer is gluten-free, but once our kitchen opens, we will serve a variety of non-alcoholic beverages, including craft sodas and Nitro coffee.

Q: Do you have gluten-free beer? How about non-alcoholic beverages?

A: Right on site. Feel free to take a look at some of our tanks through the windows in our tap room; you might even catch the brewers in action!

Q: Where is the beer brewed?

A: We grow four varieties of hops, as well as assorted produce, which we incorporate into our menu, in a hydroponic greenhouse out back.

Q: Do you grow your own hops?

A: We do not sell kegs directly, but we are happy to fill keg orders through retailers nearby.

Q: Do you sell kegs?

A: We have parking available in front of the brewery. However, we highly encourage carpooling, as the lot may become crowded during peak hours, and we love our planet!

Q: What is the parking situation?

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